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Your First Visit

Your dental health is important to our team. Once you have made a decision to visit our dentist, Dr. Nguyen, in our Ottawa dental office, we invite you to download a medical history form from our site and fill it out as much as you can at your own time. At the first visit, we will review your medical health, take necessary radiographs and perform a thorough examination. This comprehensive examination includes soft tissue exam, cancer screening, TMJ verification, and hard tissue dental charting. Furthermore, we will do a complete gum examination including measuring the gum space around each tooth. These measurements indicate your current periodontal health.

After all the examinations are done, our hygienists will perform thorough cleaning to remove the hard calculus deposit around your teeth. This procedure might need to be done in multiple visits depending on your periodontal condition, and you will be informed beforehand.

With the aid of radiographs and dental-periodontal examination, our dentist will then discuss your future dental treatment if needed.

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