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One-visit Crown Ceramic Restorations

If your tooth is damaged, a filling with tooth-colored composite material is not strong enough to withstand the chewing force. A ceramic restoration is highly indicated. Traditionally, this type of restorations (such as crowns, onlays) requires at least two visits. In the first visit, after the tooth is prepared for a ceramic restoration, multiple impressions are taken and then sent to the laboratory for fabrication. In the second visit, the restoration is then cemented to your tooth. Usually, local anesthetic injections are done in both visits.

With today's CAD/CAM technology, we can fabricate your ceramic restoration right in our office. An optical impression of the prepared tooth is taken then send wirelessly to our milling unit and a crown is milled from a manufactured ceramic block. It is then glazed and cemented to your tooth. The quality of the CAD/CAM ceramic restoration is parallel to the laboratory fabricated one. There are numerous advantages in this technique, the local anesthetic is done only once, if required. No acrylic temporary crown is required.

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