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Other Dental Services

Our dental office in downtown Ottawa also provides the following services for new and existing patients:

Direct Restorations Damaged teeth can be painful and can affect the appearance of your smile. This technique involves the replacement of the damaged portion of tooth by filling it – and this can usually be done in only one visit.

Indirect Restorations When a filling isn’t enough to repair a damaged tooth, a mold of the tooth is sent to a dental laboratory to fabricate the restoration. It is then bonded to the tooth at a subsequent visit. Common indirect restorations include inlays and onlays, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Do you think you need full mouth reconstruction due to teeth that have been lost, injured, or severely worn due to decay or trauma? We can examine your mouth to determine the extent of the problems and the options that can be used to correct them.

Odyssey Soft-Tissue Diode Laser The Odyssey™ Soft-Tissue Diode LASER can be used to modify gum lines to give a more pleasant appearance, or it can be used to reduce harmful bacteria which causes gums disease; thus laser treatment can improve gum health and reduce risk of gum disease. The procedures can often be done by our dentist without anesthesia.

Digital X-Rays We now use a digital technology X-ray system which reduces radiation up to 70%. X-ray photos can be viewed at high magnification instantly on our networked monitors.

Deep Root Planing and Curettage Gums around a tooth can become painfully and dangerously inflamed or infected when bacteria accumulates in the periodontal pocket. This procedure uses a deep cleaning process to promote healing and remove diseased tissue, bacteria, and toxins.

Whitening Feel good and look great with a brighter, whiter smile. We offer teeth whitening in our office – a safe, effective treatment that can be performed in only a couple of hours. We also offer home-use whitening materials using a custom tray designed especially for your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening We are currently using VELscope technology, a revolutionary hand-held device that allows us to detect the early signs of oral cancer. Early detection is your best chance at improving the odds against this disease.

Contact our dental office in downtown Ottawa to book an appointment with our dentist, and learn more about the dental services we can offer you and your family.