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Customer Testimonials

July 14, 2010

Testimonial of the office of Ottawa Dentist Dr. Hoa Nguyen:

For years I struggled with headaches and earaches not knowing the cause. I saw many doctors and dentists and all of them were unable to provide a cause or a satisfactory solution. Three years ago I was referred by a family friend to Dr. Hoa Nguyen. He and staff were optimistic and welcoming which instilled much hope.

I suffered from a congenital defect and was not born with adult eye teeth, so my upper jaw had closed together and it was causing an under bite, which in turn caused the headaches and earaches. Dr. Nguyen identified a couple of options for solving the issue. He was clear, honest and patient while I made a decision. I completely and whole heartedly recommend the dental professionals at Dr. Nguyen's office. Dr. Nguyen and his staff work very diligently. They are ethical, value based, and completely empathetic and responsive to all your dental needs.

I started in pain and ended in gain. I can not thank Dr. Nguyen enough for all the time and effort the entire team committed to my dental process.

Many thanks,

—Michelle L., Ottawa

September 13, 2010

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I am so grateful to you and your wonderful staff for dramatically improving my quality of life!

For many years my teeth were an embarrassment ; crooked, breaking and discoloured. Rarely would I show my teeth in a smile. Despite this my teeth were not a priority until recently. It was time to start looking after myself.

After several consultations and endless patience with me we proceeded with veneers on my upper and lower teeth. The end result is a beautiful and natural looking smile. Thank you for guiding me through the process of choosing an appropriate shade and shape. You have given me a perfect smile that I am proud to show.

You are a master in your profession. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering improving their smile and self confidence.


—Karen S., Ottawa